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How do I trim and/or split tracks in an audio project?
How do I trim and/or split tracks in an audio project?
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With Podcastle’s Audio Editor, you can seamlessly trim and split audio clips to create a perfectly polished audio file. Whether it's about adjusting the length or making precise edits, Podcastle provides the tools you need to achieve the desired results.

Here's how to trim your audio:

1) To trim your audio clip, simply drag it from either edge. You’ll notice the cursor change once you hover over the edges to enable trimming. Trimmed audio is not permanently lost and can be extended if needed.

Here’s how to split your audio:

1) Right-click on the clip you want to edit, and select “Split” from the drop-down list.

2) Alternatively, you can access the Split cursor from the toolbar at the top.

3) Drag the cursor to the part of the audio where you want to split the clip.

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