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How do I create a show on Podcastle?
How do I create a show on Podcastle?
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To publish new episodes directly from Podcastle, first, you need to add or create your show. Creating a show is super easy.

Here is how:

1) From your Podcastle home screen, click on My Shows and then on Create a New Show. You’ll be asked for a few details to describe, categorize and design the show. Let’s get started.

2) First, add a description for your show. This will be shown to any listener who accesses your show page on Podcastle and any other podcast player where you choose to publish, so make sure it grabs their attention! Next, categorize the show by selecting a few category tags from the list. These categories are standard across the podcast industry. This will ensure your show pops up when listeners search for relevant content in respective categories.

3) The last step is to add cover art. We recommend a square image between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Now you’ve created your show, and you can add episodes to publish.

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