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How do I publish a podcast episode on Podcastle?
How do I publish a podcast episode on Podcastle?
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Ready to publish your show’s first episode?

If you haven’t yet added or created a show, you must do that first before publishing your episode.

1) Click on My Shows, and select one of your shows from the list. Click on Create an episode. You can also click on Publish your episode directly from a project.

2) Start by adding episode details and uploading the file if it’s been pre-recorded.

3) Then upload the episode’s cover art. You can also just choose to use your show’s cover art instead.

4) Add the episode info, category tags, and additional publishing details. You can either schedule a publishing time, or publish the episode immediately. Select if you would like to publish now or schedule it to be published later.

5) Click on Finish, and celebrate with some confetti!

6) Once the episode is published to your selected platforms, it will also be available in the Podcastle player on your show’s page. Here, you can also turn on transcription, which will show the transcript of the episode in the sidebar.

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