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How do Team Workspace subscriptions work?
How do Team Workspace subscriptions work?
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Podcastle for Teams facilitates seamless collaboration and iterative processes among creative teams. Understanding the premium plans is essential for managing your team workspace effectively.

Upon creating a Team Workspace, creators can invite any number of Viewers for free. However, in order to invite Creators or Admins into the shared workspace, the Owner of the workspace must be on a premium (Storyteller or Pro) plan. For every Creator or Admin invited to the workspace, an additional seat will be added to the Owner’s subscription plan. Every additional Creator or Admin seat must be of the same plan tier as the workspace Owner (Example: If the Owner of a Team Workspace is on a Storyteller plan, each additional Creator or Admin they add to the workspace will automatically be added as a Storyteller member. If the Owner wishes to upgrade to the Pro plan, they must upgrade every premium member to the Pro plan as well.)

As the Owner of the team workspace, you have the option to purchase subscription plans with either monthly or annual billing cycles. As with the tiers, the billing cycle must be the same for all members on the account. If you opt for an annual billing cycle and decide to add Creators or Admins to your workspace at a later stage, the billing for additional members will be prorated based on the time that has passed since the start of the Owner’s billing cycle.

In addition to the Owner, Admins will also have the authority to add new Creators and Admins. However, the original payment method used will be charged for all new additions to the workspace.

For additional information on billing and payments for Teams, please contact our Customer Support team via chat or email.

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