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What are video highlights and how do I add them?
What are video highlights and how do I add them?
Updated over a week ago

Podcastle's video highlights feature allows users to effortlessly mark and utilize video snippets during recording or editing. Whether you're adding highlights on the fly or during the editing process, here is how to do it:

Adding Highlights During Recording:

1) In the Recording Studio, click on the "Highlight" button located in the bottom toolbar to mark the snippets you wish to save. Podcastle will automatically save a 10-second clip (spanning 5 seconds prior to the click, and 5 seconds after). The length of these clips can easily be adjusted later in the editing process.

2) Once your recording is complete, go to the Video Editor to review and manage your highlighted videos.

Adding Highlights During Editing:

1) Select the video you wish to edit in the Recordings tab.

2) Click on "Edit Video" and then press "Play" to start playing the video.

3) During playback, click on the "Add Mark" button to save specific clips of the video.

You can access and manage all highlighted videos in the Highlights tab of the Video Editor. To export highlighted clips, click on Export, "Select Highlights," and then choose "Export File.โ€

Let us know if you have any questions! The team is always happy to help.

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