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How do I leave comments in a project?
How do I leave comments in a project?
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Leaving comments on a project is an essential aspect of collaborative podcast creation in the Team Workspace. You can use the comment feature to provide feedback, contribute to the development of your content, and drastically cut down the team’s production time with real-time iterations.

Here is how to leave a comment:

1) In the top right corner of the project, you'll find the comment button. Click on it to access the comment feature or simply press the letter C.

2) You can choose to leave comments on a specific clip or track within the project. This allows you to provide precise feedback or input for a timestamped portion of the content.

3) All comments are visible on the right side of the page. You also have the option to hide comments if you prefer.

4) Any member of the project will be able to view, reply to, and/or like all comments.

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