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How do I add my Digital Voices to a Team Workspace?
How do I add my Digital Voices to a Team Workspace?
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Podcastle provides a seamless process for users to create and utilize their Digital Voices in both their personal and shared workspaces.

Here is how to add your Digital Voice to the Team Workspace:

1) First, you’ll need to create your Digital Voice if you haven’t yet. To do that, click on My Digital Voices on the left side of your homepage. And then on Create Digital Voice. In order to create your own digital voice, we’ll ask you to record 70 sentences in English. Note that you must be on a Pro plan to access Revoice. Users have the flexibility to create Digital Voices in their Personal Workspace as well as any Team Workspaces they are part of. This ensures that voices can be used for specific projects and collaborations.

2) Once the voice is created, you may add it to any Team Workspaces where you are a Creator, Admin, or Owner.

3) When adding a Digital Voice to a Team Workspace, you will be prompted to choose access settings for the Digital Voice. You can either share it within the workspace with all the members or keep it private.

-Private: Only the voice owner can use the Digital Voice.

-Shared: Everyone except Viewers can use the Digital Voice within the workspace.

When a public Digital Voice is deleted, or the owner of the voice is removed from the Team Workspace, the Digital Voice owner may choose whether it should be removed from the Team Workspace or remain in public access for the workspace.

Users can view and manage all of their owned Digital Voices (across all workspaces) by clicking “My Voices” in their Personal Workspace.

If you have any further questions about adding Digital Voices to the Team Workspace or any other aspect of Podcastle for Teams, please reach out to the Customer Support team via email or in-app chat.

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