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What is the difference between a Viewer, a Creator, an Admin and an Owner?
What is the difference between a Viewer, a Creator, an Admin and an Owner?
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Podcastle for Teams offers different roles within its platform to cater to various user needs and responsibilities. Here is the difference between the roles - Owner, Admin, Creator, and Viewer.

Viewers can review projects within the workspace without editing privileges. Viewers can view and comment on projects that were shared with them but do not have the ability to create new content or make edits. They can leave comments on projects, respond to other comments, and listen to and watch the podcast recording.

Creators have the same access as Viewers, plus they can contribute to the creation and editing of podcast content. They have the authority to create and edit projects (including transcription and text-to-speech), record and edit audio and video content, add AI voices, and publish podcast episodes.

Admins have the same access as Creators, plus they can invite additional members and change the roles of existing members. While Admins may invite Viewers and Creators into the workspace, they do not have access to payments and billing and cannot remove other Admins or the Owner of the platform.

The Owner is the person who creates the Team Workspace, and there can be only one Owner per workspace. The Owner has full control over the workspace, including managing team members, projects, and workspace settings. They have the ability to invite and remove team members, assign roles, and upgrade or downgrade subscriptions. The Owner is also the only member of a Team Workspace who can assign or remove Admins.

Only Owners and Admins can assign roles to team members within the workspace. Each team member can have only one role at a time, and their role determines their access and editing privileges.

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