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How do I record and use my digital voice?
How do I record and use my digital voice?
Updated over a week ago

With the Revoice feature, you can create your own digital voice which will allow you to generate and edit audio clips with the simplicity of a text doc.

Here’s how:

1) Click on My Digital Voices on the left side of your homepage. And then on Create digital voice. In order to create your own digital voice, we’ll ask you to record 70 sentences in English. You don’t have to do it all at once — your progress will be automatically saved, so feel free to pause and come back to it later.

2) Make sure you’re in a quiet location without any background noise. Test your microphone to ensure your voice is loud and clear. We don’t recommend using your computer’s microphone due to the potential for echos, but headphone mics work just fine! Once you’re ready to record, click Continue.

3) Record yourself reading the text, starting with the legal disclaimer.

4) Once you are done recording, your voice will be submitted for processing. Within 24 hours, your digital voice will appear under My Digital Voices with a “Completed” indicator. If there are any issues during processing, we’ll notify you with any sentences to re-record.

5) Now, you’re ready to generate audio through text! Click on the Revoice button next to your voice. A new project will be created, and the Text Editor will pop out. You can simply type or paste the desired text and click Generate to create audio in your digital voice.

6) Your voice skin will now be available in the Text Editor whenever you need to edit a recording or generate a new audio file using text.

The Revoice feature is part of the Podcastle Pro plan. To learn more about our subscription plans, please click here.

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