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What is Text Mode and how do I use it?
What is Text Mode and how do I use it?
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Text Mode is a powerful addition to the Audio Editor that lets you edit your multi-track audio files directly from the transcript, bringing unmatched speed and simplicity to audio editing projects.

Your audio content will be transcribed, which means you can edit directly from the text rather than listening to all of the audio.The search function makes it easy to find parts you want to chop out, like long silences or parts where you misspeak. This takes a lot of the pain out of editing, making it faster and easier to get your final project ready.

What is text-based editing?

Text-based editing for audio is the use of a transcript of that recording to make changes to the media file. Deleting words from the transcript will also delete that section from the recording. If you have created your Digital Voice, you can change or add content without saying a word.

What is a multi-track audio editor?

A multi-track audio editor is a software application designed for recording, editing, and mixing multiple audio tracks simultaneously. TheRecording Studio captures each contributor’s audio as an individual track during a recording session, meaning you can edit each track separately if necessary.

Here’s how to use Text Mode:

  1. Select Your Audio. Upload the audio file you want to edit into your workspace or record something new in the Recording Studio.

  2. Enter Text Mode. Toggle between audio-only and Text Mode, using the search bar to find parts you want to remove. Use AI Voices and Revoice to add new content.

  3. Polish and Publish. Use other AI features like Magic Dust to make your audio sound amazing and then export or publish your finished project.

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