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How do I schedule a recording?
How do I schedule a recording?
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Did you know that you can schedule remote recording sessions in Podcastle, and automatically link it to your Google Calendar? It's a seamless way to plan your workflow, collaborate with your team, and ensure a smooth experience for your guests.

Here's how you can schedule your recording session:

1) From the Podcastle home screen, click on the "Schedule" tab.

2) For the smoothest experience, link your Google Calendar to enable calendar invites with the Studio link to you and your guests.

3) Click the black “Schedule” button and enter the details of your planned recording session. You can also add your guest's email address to invite them via email and/or Google Calendar.

4) Once you've scheduled an event, Podcastle will automatically send your guests an email notification with time & date, studio link, and instructions for a smooth recording experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you click on the "Enter Studio" button before the scheduled event time and start recording, you won't have access to the scheduled event anymore.

To remove a scheduled event, click on the three dots next to the event's name and select "Delete." If you ever wish to unlink your Google Calendar, you can do this directly from your Google Calendar settings. Go to your calendar settings and unsubscribe from Podcastle's calendar.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting our support team via the chat on our website or by emailing [email protected].

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