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What is auto-leveling and how do I apply it?
What is auto-leveling and how do I apply it?
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So, what is auto-leveling?

Auto-leveling allows users to automatically adjust volumes of audio clips to match each other while targeting loudness standards.

Here is how to apply it on multiple tracks:

1) Select the multiple tracks you want to auto-level. A toolbar will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click on auto-leveling.

Apply auto-leveling

2) Once you click on it, another pop-up will show you the processing time.


How to apply it on single tracks:

1) If you want to apply auto-leveling to a single track, here is how to do it. Click on the three dots on top of the track you want to auto-level. Select Auto-leveling from the drop-down menu.

Select auto-leveling

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