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How do I request editing access in a shared project?
How do I request editing access in a shared project?
Updated over a week ago

In Team Workspaces, collaborative editing allows team members to work together on a project. If you are the Owner, an Admin, or a Creator, you have the ability to edit any project in the workspace. However, there can only be one active editor at a time in any given project. If another member of the workspace is currently editing a project, you must wait for them to complete their work (i.e. exit the project or no longer be active) or request edit access from the current editor.

Here is how to request access:

1) If you want to start editing a project that someone else is currently working on, request editing access by clicking on the Request to Edit button in the top right corner.

2) Once you request editing access, the person currently working on the project will finish what they are doing and grant you access.

3) You will be notified when access is given, enabling you to start editing from your end.

Waiting for your team member to finish the editing session before starting to make your own changes ensures seamless collaboration and a well-coordinated project workflow.

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