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How much cloud storage can I use in Podcastle?
How much cloud storage can I use in Podcastle?
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As of April 15, 2024, Podcastle workspaces in the Basic (free) plan will allow up to 2GB of cloud storage for projects, recordings, shows, and other files stored. Workspaces using Storyteller or Pro plans do not have a limitation on cloud storage.

Monitoring your usage is easy! On the homepage, under the "Your Basic plan" section, you can see the percentage indicating the amount of storage you're currently using.

Exceeding your allocated limit will result in restrictions to your workspace, prohibiting creating new content on Podcastle, including recording and uploading.

If you have reached the storage capacity, you can:

1) Upgrade your subscription to Storyteller or Pro for unlimited cloud storage.

2) Alternatively, you can free up space by deleting projects and recordings that are no longer essential.

If you have any questions about the storage limitation please email [email protected] or click the black & white chat icon, located in the bottom left corner of your Podcastle account.

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